Collectively, we are responsible to handover the planet to the next generation, in a better condition than we inherited. We need to preserve the quality of lives and protect the environment. The solution? Sustainability. 

Speaking of sustainability, have you heard of the green menstruation? Many women are now using sustainable and reusable menstrual products for their health and that of the planet, ditching plastic and synthetic pads and tampons.


At unmoda, we ask you to do it for H.E.R. -

Hygienic - The plastic in non-biodegradable menstrual products contain chemicals that cause hormone imbalances, infections and other health issues. By choosing washable and reusable products, you are making an informed decision about what’s right for your health.

Ethical - Most mass produced products are made from genetically modified and chemical-laced cotton that is produced in large scale by forced labour. With unmoda, you can be assured that the cotton we use is organic and sourced ethically. 

Recycling - The carbon footprint left behind by plastic menstrual products is staggering. A plastic bottle can be recycled and reused but not the non-degradable sanitary pads. When you make the switch to sustainable menstrual products, you are reducing your carbon footprint and enabling recycling.

We invite you to use our sustainable product during your period. Feel empowered in knowing that you have made the switch. 

From toxic to detox. From plastic to fabric.