unmoda period underwear

unmoda period underwear is an ethically produced, sustainable product that comes in all sizes. It is made of 4 layers and offers stain-free, leak-proof, odour-free and antibacterial protection, ensuring a rash-free period. This washable and reusable underwear can be worn during your low to mid-flow days.

Four-Layer Protection

unmoda period underwear is rash-free, odour-free, stain-free and leak-proof.

During periods, you can wear unmoda underwear along with pads, tampons, or cups on your heavy flow days. You can wear just the underwear alone during your mid and low-flow days, without worrying about leaks.

unmoda is made for your comfort - breathable, stretchy, and low maintenance. It is made to fit all body types and shapes.

In short, you can think of unmoda as your regular underwear. In addition to that, it also offers extra protection from your period and feels like a feather!

Moisture Wicking Layer - Keeps your clothes stain-free and dry

Soft Terry Layer - Protects you from bacteria, rashes, and bad odour

PU Coated Layer - Leak-proof security for your peace of mind

Natural Fabric Layer - Light, breathable, and super soft to keep you fresh

Choose Yourself.


You matter. Choose the best for your body and planet. Opt for a sustainable solution and invest in a brighter tomorrow - one that is healthy for you and the future!

Choose Sustainable.

Wash it because it’s worth it 

unmoda period underwear can be rinsed with cold water and then popped into the washing machine!

We know that washing your period underwear takes extra effort. But it is worth it. Hear us out.

Did you know that single-use sanitary pads take more than 500 years to decompose?

Even the plastic bottles that we use can be recycled but not these single-use sanitary pads that are made of 90% plastic materials.

Ditch the plastic. Let's wash it because it's worth it.


unmoda is the answer to you - today’s “woke generation”. We are woke because we urge you to make a change. We believe that fashion should not come at the expense of our planet. Our collection is:

Women-centric | Organic | Kind to the planet | Easy to wear

As a brand, unmoda is carbon positive and all our products are ethically produced.

Fashionable & Inclusive: Underwear For All Sizes

We strongly believe that sustainable period underwear of premium quality should represent and be accessible to all women.

unmoda is expanding the definition of inclusive, one ethically produced, sustainable underwear at a time.

Unmoda was born out of a strong need to make women feel secure during their period and provide comfort to those experiencing bladder leaks. Our premium, sustainable, washable, and reusable underwear is the best solution for the women of today and tomorrow.