Why should I use reusable period underwear?

It is known that anything synthetic/plastic is not good for the skin as it is not breathable. Most sanitary products are made of plastic and synthetic materials. They also use harmful chemical fragrances, allergens, and dyes like Dioxin for whitening the pads.

These chemicals are harmful to our skin and can lead to allergies, infections, rashes, itching and many health issues in the longer run. The other reason you should need to switch is our environment. We are positive that 6% of the waste and landfills are caused by the synthetic/plastic in sanitary pads that are being dumped. It is we who should protect and respect the planet by reducing the waste. Even if we can reduce 7 to 8 pads in a cycle, we will reduce the waste by 98 to 100 pads a year. Unmoda is here to help reduce this toxic waste and keep us healthy.

Why Unmoda?

Unmoda is made from organic yarn like Cotton, Bamboo and Lenzing modal which is soft on the skin, breathable and reusable. It is treated with an antibacterial solution which makes it odour-free and rash-free. It is also stain-free, super soft and sustainable.

How do you compare Unmoda with other sanitary products in terms of fluid capacity?

Unmoda can hold fluid of approximately

  • 3 tampons
  • 5 liners
  • 5 pads
  • 9 ml cups

What can Unmoda reusable washable underwear be used for?

Unmoda can be used like any other regular underwear as it protects you not only from periods but also from other vaginal discharges, postpartum bleeding, or urinary incontinence. It also can be a great backup for other sanitary products.

Do I need to wear a pad along with Unmoda period underwear?

No you don’t. It is the replacement for a sanitary pad. You can use just the underwear for your entire cycle. But if you have extremely heavy periods, you can wear it with any other sustainable sanitary products for double protection. At night it's best to wear Unmoda with or without sanitary products depending on your flow for a stain-free, rash-free and a comfortable sleep.

How many hours can I wear an Unmoda underwear?

Like any other sanitary product, Unmoda can be worn for up to 6 hours depending on your flow. If it is a light flow, it can be worn even up to 8 hours or more. We suggest if you are a first-time user, it will be better to understand how Unmoda works best for your periods by trying it at home, in the first month of use.

If I’m going out, how do I change?

If you are traveling for a few hours on your lighter flow days you don’t have to worry at all about changing Unmoda but if it's for a whole day you will need to carry extra underwear to change.

How do I store soiled underwear?

Roll up the soiled underwear and put in a Ziplock pouch. Once home, rinse it and then machine wash it

Stains and odour, how do we avoid it?

Unmoda underwear has been treated with an antibacterial and stain-free solution so the chances of facing this issue are minimal. Underwear usually has odour issues when they meet bacteria, lucky for you, Unmoda reusable washable period underwear kills bacteria. It is advised to either sun dry or put it up for drying in a well-ventilated space. This treatment lasts for fifty washes before it wears out.

Can I wear Unmoda underwear if I’m going through my menopause?

Yes! Women going through menopause don't know when to anticipate their periods. For those who are unsure of their flow, Unmoda underwear is your best option. The padding is thin, soft, comfortable, and easier to use. On days you have a heavier flow, wearing pads continually can cause rashes and skin irritation. With Unmoda, you won't face it.

I feel wet all day, I have incontinence. Can I wear Unmoda period underwear?

Yes! Unmoda can be worn for leaks, vaginal discharges, and other common vaginal discomforts.

Can I wear Unmoda period underwear while working out?

Yes! You can. You can no longer worry about your pads/cups moving when you are cycling or indulging in jumping jacks or Pilates. Unmoda is your go-to-period pal.

My daughter is showing signs of puberty. Can she wear Unmoda period underwear?

Yes, she can! Unmoda period underwear is stain-free, rash-free, and super soft which makes her period days less complicated.

Cup or period underwear ...which is better to wear?

Both menstrual cups and period underwear are environmentally friendly. Unmoda addresses skin sensitivity issues. It is easier to change too. It doesn’t require any extra effort to wear it and it is breathable.

How long will Unmoda last for?

Unmoda period underwear can last up to 2 years, if taken care of like all your lingerie. It lasts longer if rinsed in cold water with a mild detergent or liquid. We have treated each underwear with a special solution to make it anti-bacterial and stain- free. However, it is advised to change your underwear every 8 months.

Will the underwear become soggy?

The underwear is made of a super-absorbent fabric. It will remain soft and dry even after absorbing fluid. Like any other sanitary product, it has a limited period of absorption after which it might dampen. We advise you to change after 4 to 6 hours of usage.


How do I wash the Unmoda underwear?

The best way to retain your period underwear for a longer time is to practice the following steps:

  • Rinse it in cold running water
  • Put all your lingerie in a laundry net and toss it into the washing machine to avoid tears

Sun-dry the underwear or hang it in a cool dry place