First thing first, the best thing to do, to care for your period underwear is to flush out the flow into the sink with running water, right after use. After that, it is up to you, whether you plan to hand wash, or put them into the machine.

Can you machine wash period underwear?

Yes, you can wash period underwear with the rest of your clothes! However, after you remove your period panties, (again, first thing first) rinse them first before putting in the machine. While washing in a machine, keep them extra safe by placing them in a delicates bag if you can.

Also, avoid putting in dryer. Dryer reduces the performance of the underwear.

How long period underwear can be washed and reused?

As long as you wash them by hand with cold water and mild detergent regularly, that will define the lifetime of your panty. Our products, usually can last for 30-50 washes.

How to dry?

To keep the product as it was when bought, lay the panty flat to maintain the shape. You can hang them dry too.


Period panties are designed to be stain-resistant and shouldn’t retain any smell if cared for properly.