Your health matters. Your comfort matters. When you bleed, bleed with pride and not worry. Know that you can choose what's best for your body and for the planet. When you opt for a sustainable solution, you are investing in a brighter tomorrow - one that is healthy for you and one with reduced landfill waste.

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The unmoda Story

We consider ourselves as a catalyst for change. Our ultimate mission is to help create a world where we can live in harmony with nature. Moda means fashion in Spanish and over 20 other languages, but we wish to ‘unmoda’. Our unease with the fashion industry and how unethical and wasteful it is pushed us to deconstruct what is fashionable today - and move towards something that is sustainable, ethical, and inclusive as well. Period underwear was the perfect place to start, to empower women when they are most vulnerable. However, the future of unmoda has a lot in store for everything fashionable and sustainable.

Down to Earth

Down to Earth because we are one with the planet, using nature-based products like cotton, bamboo and Lenzing Modal™ to produce sustainable and reusable fabric. We believe in going back to our roots to use natural solutions for menstruation and reducing landfill accumulation. For us, every person counts and small changes have exponential impact. We are here to touch the lives of many - one individual at a time, while empowering women to be unapologetically their best selves.

The Logo Story

unmoda believes in changing the world one person at a time. And that change starts small and spreads across the community. The caricature portrays the brand’s first two letters on the left and a human being on the right. The simple stick figure represents the essence and oneness of humanity.