by Adarsh Patil

Our Sustainability Highlights

Our sustainability journey started in 1943 with the decision to us...
Our Sustainability Highlights

Our sustainability journey started in 1943 with the decision to use natural fibres for our products.  In the last 7 decades, we have progressed towards better business practices and we are glad to list a few of the sustainability highlights here.


  1. Choosing 100% natural & sustainable fabrics by 2030: Using natural or recycled fabrics is the most important step. It helps reduce the negative environmental impact right from the beginning. By this, we are directly supporting United Nations Decades on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030.
  2. Green Manufacturing Process: Apart from being entirely dependent on renewables for electricity, keeping a transparent and traceable supply chain makes our products more genuine. We adhere to the highest standards, certifying that our processes are non-toxic and transparent. We are starting in-house printing and processing by implementing advanced technology. 
  3. Buying directly from certified factories: Among our raw materials suppliers, 100% are certified for GOTS and OEKO TEX.
  4. Becoming a zero-waste organization by 2030: Recycling the products through a buy-back initiative.
  5. Operations running on 100% renewable energy sources: Eliminated scope-2 emissions and on the path towards a carbon positive by 2030.
  6. Water positive by 2030: Reducing water consumption by employing various water conservation techniques.
  7. Supporting carbon-positive production: Using 100% renewable energy makes our products carbon-neutral and helps us align with UNSDGs. As a step ahead, we are now moving toward carbon-positive production.
  8. Green Packaging: Keeping an end-to-end check on the whole supply chain is essential. Giving sustainable products in unsustainable packaging kills the whole purpose of a brand. Thus, we use seed tags and reusable cotton bag packaging, which can be planted and recycled.

Climate neutrality for us was sticking to our core values and value proposition. Individuals can take the same journey up.