Our Carbon-Neutral Journey

Our Carbon-Neutral Journey

Chorus is rising on climate pledges; however, there is concern about the gap between target setting and action. We did not want to do a lot of talking on this and decided to take action. As we have been working on reducing our environmental footprint for years, we decided to take a plunge into assessing the gap.  Upon assessing our emissions for manufacturing and also some of our Supply Chain emissions, we realized that we could do the last mile push and achieve the status. Why we need to achieve a Carbon Neutral Status is threefold. 

  1. To disclose our emissions publicly to all our stakeholders, get those verified, and offset unavoidable emissions.
  2. To reduce what we label as unavoidable by opting for substitutes to become a net zero Company.
  3. To assess our remaining Scope III emissions and work on reducing and re-aligning our strategy towards becoming a fully Net Zero Company. 

Our mission towards sustainability was our driver towards decisions that allowed us to opt for renewable energy early on and choose natural and recycled materials. 


  1. We learned that it is good to get an expert assessment done to ascertain the status quo. 
  2. Some low-hanging fruits, such as electrification, for whatever else is not yet electrified. 
  3. As we expand our business, we need to create additional buffers for renewables, such as we started work on solar rooftops apart from the offsite solar plants. 
  4. Look for substitutes wherever there are more emissions, such as electric or hybrid mobility.