Meet Vera. She is an eco warrior and it is her goal to become waste-free soon. She carries her own reusable bags, uses a metal straw, lives a minimalist lifestyle, and chronicles her sustainability journey on her blog.

She's been looking at green menstruation and wants to make the shift to a sustainable, reusable option for her periods. She knows menstrual products generate huge masses of waste. One woman alone can generate up to 125 kilograms of non-biodegradable waste during her menstruating years alone. It terrifies her to imagine how much waste millions of women around the world have to discard and the impact it creates on the environment.

Vera believes it is imperative that we are kind to the planet. She wants to ditch plastic period products, because sustainability is the way forward. She believes that it is time to make the switch.

Can Vera and other environmentally-conscious women easily make the switch?

With the unmoda underwear, women like Vera need not worry about the grave environmental impact due to their period. They can now use unmoda underwear that is sustainable, reusable, and leak-proof, and be environmentally conscious.